INDIEHUES-Radiance Which Unfolds Brilliance

Indiehues is bringing closer, hundreds of Weavers, Artisans and Craftsmen to the global market place. India has a rich tradition of handmade products like Clothes,toys, handcrafts, kitchen wares, bathroom wares & decors. These skills have been kept alive through learning which have been passed on from generation to generation and have survived the test of the time, ensured the onslaught of industrial evolution. Being made from locally sourced natural material & through a non industrial manufacturing process, the products have minimal carbon footprint and most are biodegradable.

Slowly and steadily we will keep on adding products which will enthrall you and enhance your world. Keep supporting our Weavers, Artisans and Craftsmen. At Indiehues we are committed to spend atleast 2% of our net profits with our fellow Weavers, Artisans and Craftsmen.